The Handa Red Brick Building

The Handa
Red Brick Building


Making a Revival The Handa Red Brick Building

Born as the Brewery for Kabuto Beer

The Handa Red Brick Building was born in 1898 as the brewery for Kabuto Beer. It boasted a size that put it among brick buildings erected during the Meiji period (1968-1912) that can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Old remnants of beer plants still existing are exceedingly few, and the structure is valuable in this sense as well.

  • Corridor inside the building
  • Five-layer wall

Restored Long-unavailable
Kabuto Beer Makes a Comeback

Taking Up the Challenge of Brewing
Authentic Beer, and Winning the Gold Medal at the 1900 Paris Expo

In May 1889, the first shipment was made from Handa of 3,000 bottles of a beer named Marusan Beer, by Matazaemon Nakano, the fourth-generation owner of the vinegar-maker Mitsukan Suten, and Zempei Morita, founder of bread-maker Shikishima Baking. This later became Kabuto Beer. In 1898 the company brought in a machinist and brewmaster from Germany, and in Enokishita, Handa-cho, the Handa Red Brick Building was completed and became the new beer brewery. The company began brewing authentic German beer and changed its name to "Kabuto Bakushu," and two years later the beer was exhibited at the 1900 Paris Exhibition Universelle, winning the gold medal.

Overview of the Handa Red Brick Building

(primary construction)
Completed October 31, 1898
Basic design Germania Maschinenfabrik, Germany
Final design Yorinaka Tsumaki
Building area 2786.99㎡
Total floor space 4979.51㎡ (portion used: 2729.93㎡)
Building height 20.84m
Building construction Brick and plain wood (half-timber construction)
Size 2 above-ground stories, 2-story penthouse
National certifications, etc. 2004: Agency for Cultural Affairs registration: Registered Tangible Cultural Properties No.23-0134 through -0136; 2009: Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry certified Heritage of Industrial Modernization; 2014: City of Handa designated Structure of Landscape Importance No.1

Floor Map

We hope to convey the appeal
of this historic building and draft Kabuto Beer.

  • Encounter the passion of the predecessors who took up the challenge of authentic beer-making

  • Taste the flavor of Kabuto Beer and snacks made using local ingr

  • A careful selection of discerning products from the Chita Penin

The birth of sourcepoints for making things

1.Permanent Display

Models, videos, photographs from the era, and other materials showcase the history behind the birth of the Handa Red Brick Building and Kabuto Beer. You can feel the burning enthusiasm our forerunners had for making things.

  • Hours9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • ClosedYear-end and New Year's holidays

Permanent display area admission fees (including tax)

Entry type Adult(high-school student and up) Middle-school student and under
Individual 200 yen Free
Group(20 persons or more) 160 yen Free
  • Permanent display:"Creating, Selling, and Reviving Kabuto Beer"
  • Permanent display:"The Story of the Creation ofthe Handa Red Brick Building"


In a mystical and relaxing space enclosed in red brick, you can enjoy resurrected Kabuto Beer and tasty snacks made using local ingredients.

  • Hours10:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • ClosedYear-end and New Year's holidays
  • Cafe&Beerhall
  • Openterrace


In addition to bottled Kabuto Beer and other Kabuto Beer merchandise, a variety of fine products from Handa and the Chita Peninsula are available for purchase.

  • Hours10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • ClosedYear-end and New Year's holidays

The birth of sourcepoints for making things

Clubhouses and Themed Exhibit Area

The clubhouses and the themed exhibit area are rental areas that give full play to the ambience of the building's walls. Local residents and visitors are welcome to make use of these spaces as sourcepoints for cultural and artistic endeavors, and other forms of making things.

  • Hours9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • ClosedYear-end and New Year's holidays
  • ClubhousesThese are available for cultural and artistic activities, as well as community events and a variety of other uses.
  • Themed exhibit areaThis is available for use as a place to exhibit artwork and photography, and for other creative endeavors.


Transit Information

  • Via Meitetsu Kowa Line 5 minutes on foot east from Sumiyoshicho Station
  • Via JR Taketoyo Line15 minutes on foot northwest from Handa Station
  • Via Chitahanto Road 10 minutes by car from Handa Chuo Interchange


8 Enokishita-cho, Handa, Aichi Prefecture